Anita’s approach is to listen to her clients, work on their strengths and weaknesses, accommodate all types of situations and she is truly wonderful.  She is prompt, encouraging, your coach and instructor, and will push you and teach you to push yourself to reach your exercise goals.  

- Nancy Z

Working with Anita made me realize my "workouts" were not reaching my weight loss and fitness goals because I wasn't integrating a varied workout. In working with her I learned how to maximize my workout to reach my goals and correct some problematic eating habits. I really appreciated that she personalized the workout based on my individual needs and goals, and continued to push me to do more than I thought I could. Prior to working with Anita I had never run more than a few minutes, but thanks to her I can run a mile with no problem.

- Morgan VTestim
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Fitness Motivation

Welcome to Fitness Motivation Personal Training!  You have just taken the most difficult step in YOUR journey toward a healthier and more active life; you came to this page!  Congratulations!

Let’s face it.  Finding, and most importantly, maintaining the motivation to exercise frequently is difficult, to say the least.  As a fitness professional, I understand this constant struggle, and my understanding of this struggle is the main reason I chose to do what I do for a living.  Jim Ryun said, “Motivation gets you started.  Habit keeps you going.”  This statement has become the crux of my personal training philosophy because of its truth.  I understand that the ‘drive’ to become a healthier and more fit person slowly dwindles away if you aren’t careful, and it does so before you reach that stage where this healthier lifestyle becomes a habit.  That’s where I come in as YOUR motivator to keep going!

Together we will replace bad habits with good ones, and you will have tons of fun as we do so!  Set up YOUR FREE consultation today so that we can discuss which avenue of training would best suit YOU!

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Project Looks to Spread Healthy Habits

Anita Harrell is leading a fitness micro-revolution. In March, the dedicated owner of fitness Motivation: Personal & groUP training decided to put a dent in the obesity epidemic by starting Project Weight Loss Wilmington (PWLW). The twelve-week group training program featured high-intensity cardio workouts and a healthy diet tracked through the app MyFitnessPal. <more>